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Especially for customers of GeONE

Strategy lab

The GeONE strategy lab is dedicated to our clients and allows them to benefit from all our experience. At the same time, it is an initiative in which clients discuss with us new possibilities that technology can offer, on a non-binding basis. In this way, we answer questions that customers have not yet asked.

Benefit from our stored knowledge and experience

GeONE likes to distinguish itself with services before and after the implementation of software. We believe that the software should not be leading, but your business objectives and results should be. With this philosophy, we guide all our customers and solve new information management challenges time after time. We safeguard the strategies, applications and techniques with which we solve these information management challenges. Other customers can benefit from this knowledge and experience, which is highly sector-dependent. Thanks to our strategy lab, we can solve challenges in the same sector faster and more efficiently through lessons learned from the past. With the knowledge and experience from different sectors, we facilitate cross-fertilisation in the field of information management. For example, an organisation in the field of education now uses an application with artificial intelligence that we realised for an accountancy firm, thanks to the similarities in the information management challenge.

Thanks to our strategy lab, we solve challenges more efficiently and quickly and deliver innovation to our customers in an effective way.

Where others only provide a solution, we think along with you about your future

Information, data and documents are becoming increasingly important for the success of organisations. GeONE likes to think beyond your initial request for help. Not only do we solve your problems with our solutions, but we are also happy to commit to your future. To this end, we create future-proof strategies and hands-on techniques to help your organisation excel in information management. Today and tomorrow. In our lab we are constantly experimenting with innovative prototypes of the future. New techniques, applications and tests. This lab is fed with challenges that our customers deal with or will be dealing with. In this way, customers can spar with us and play with our new prototypes without any obligation, on which we can further refine these developments.

To this end, we not only listen carefully to the situation of our customers, but we also proactively offer initiatives. In this way, we learn from our customers and our customers use our potential.

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