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Privacy Statement

When visiting GeONE's website, data may be collected from the visitor. This data is used by GeONE in the context of improving its services.

GeONE is keen to provide its customers with the best services and to continuously improve its services and information offered. The data collected by GeONE will be kept confidential at all times and it makes every effort to protect this data.

In doing so, GeONE observes the Personal Data Protection Act. GeONE will not provide the data it collects to third parties without permission, unless required to do so by law or following a court order or if necessary within the framework of the performance of the agreement you enter into with us.


In order to recognise you when you visit the GeONE website, we use cookies. These are small files that are sent to the website visitor's browser and stored on the visitor's computer.

We also use cookies to collect data on visits to our website. Our website is set up so that cookies cannot be used for other purposes.

The information you make available to us in this way will only be used by us anonymously. If you do not wish to receive these cookies, please block indirect cookies (3rd party cookies) in your browser. GeONE reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement.

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