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Document management system (DMS) checklist

Last update: 4 July 2023

Compare DMS software

Comparing and choosing DMS software is difficult due to the huge range on offer. That is why we developed an independent checklist that allows you to independently assess whether software suits your organisation.

Document management according to market analysts

We have the key DMS success factors from market analysts Gartner and Forrester in summary, these are crucial for assessing document management software from all vendors. Look at your software selection through the eyes of market analysts and make the right choice yourself.

40 concrete criteria for the right choice

Compare document management systems on 12 key topics: foundation, functionalities, usage, personalisation, intelligence, mobile, external capabilities, security, architecture, integration capabilities, existing integrations and applications.


Now also compare partners and suppliers

We have added 5 factors that determine a successful match with the right DMS partner or DMS vendor.

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