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A club of enthusiasts.

We are a club of enthusiasts delighted by your document and information challenges.

CEOs pitch their information strategies

CEO Talk’s videos give you an insight into other organisations’ information strategy.

How we help

Smart solutions

We deliver future-proof applications in document and information management.

Build & Play™ method

Go for maximum return and minimum risk with our Build & Play implementation method.

Tomorrow's strategy

From our strategy lab, we think along with your overall information strategy that makes your organisation more efficient.

Our clients

Minimise risk with maximum return

Every organisation is unique and has its own challenges, its own way of working, its own culture, etc. We at GeOne have known this for more than 20 years. From this, something important has emerged for us: no success without happy users. To maximise results and minimise risk, we developed the unique Build & Play method.


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