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Working at GeONE

Is working for Europe's fastest growing M-Files partner

Innovative working with information

At GeONE, we take information seriously. Information is the source of every organisation and that requires intelligent, future-oriented solutions that do justice to the wishes of users. We deliver on that promise to our customers every day. Whether it's with a customised SharePoint environment or based on an innovative system such as M-Files. Every day we strive to offer the best and most beautiful solution. That's why we work on the latest techniques and methodologies in our strategy lab.

Actually making a difference for our customers

A real GeONE consultant will be asked back! And that is what our clients do with great regularity. And as an organisation, we do everything in our power to do so. Our projects are not only about technical implementation, but above all about embedding our solutions in work processes and with the people who work there.

Working on the best version of yourself

At GeONE, we believe it is important to give you all the space and opportunities you need for your own development. This means that the door is always open to discuss this. In addition, you will have plenty of room to develop new techniques and methodologies in order to be able to carry out your work even better. This will help you, your customers and your colleagues to move forward. This fits in with the type of 'Employeneur' that we would like to bring in.

Fast forward to

"Varying work with direct influence"

"Perfect balance between business and IT"


Meet GeONE?

We're growing fast...

... and we're looking for people who can make a difference. We are constantly on the lookout for new employees in the commercial, technical and/or project management fields. If the ideal vacancy is not listed for you, but you do see yourself working at GeONE, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Business consultant

The bridge between business & IT

As a Business Consultant, you help clients, from small to large, with their information needs. Without exception, our clients have to deal with complex issues. GeONE is the partner that delivers tailor-made solutions that really make a difference.

Implementation Consultant

Intelligent M-Files solutions

As the fastest growing M-Files partner in Europe, we are looking for consultants who can make a difference to our clients on a daily basis. In an induction programme, you will be trained as a certified M-Files consultant and you will play a key role in complex implementations.

SharePoint & O365 consultant

Accessible information

Ensure seamless integration with Sharepoint & O365 with tailored advice and turnkey solutions. With Macroview, we keep information within Sharepoint & O365 accessible and help our customers get the most out of it.

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