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What you want to avoid as an IT manager

As IT manager, you are responsible for your organisation's information management.

You don't do that without the use of software. That could be a DMS, ECM or CSP software.

The range of these solutions is huge, as are the differences.

IT managers therefore face a challenge.

Without thorough consideration, your choice may fall on an outdated, limited, non-compliant or unfriendly system.

And three guesses who everyone looks to when software doesn't 'work' nicely?

How do you know what requirements you should have for software anno 2024?

Which parts of the software are crucial?

When will you know if the solution is future-proof?

With these points in mind, we compiled the DMS Checklist. From Gartner and Forrester's annual market analyses, we filtered 12 concrete topics to help you make the right choice.

A handy independent tool that lets you evaluate and compare software yourself.

Download the DMS Checklist free and avoid a software mismatch!

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