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Broadcast on Intelligent Information Management

Broadcast on Intelligent Information Management

How intelligently does your organisation handle information?

The amount of data, documents and information in organisations is exploding and this will only increase in the coming years. Documents and other relevant information are often stored in different systems and places within an organisation. Examples include shared network folders, online services such as Dropbox and OneDrive, SharePoint, but also ECM, ERP and CRM systems. Information therefore exists independently of each other and is therefore difficult or sometimes not retrievable at all. Intelligent Information Management stands for making information instantly findable in the right context. That means focusing on what is information and not where it is located.

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Tuesday 25 June - 15:00
Live online broadcast
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) explained
How organisations like BDO and Heilijgers are leading the way with IIM
Interactive: opportunity to ask questions
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These organisations are leading the way with Intelligent Information Management


In this webinar:

Volume of data and information within organisations explodes

How to combat dark data

How to make (and keep) information relevant and findable

The importance of metadata and how it makes your organisation efficient

Manage information and document smartly thanks to artificial intelligence

Your presenter

Bastiaan Brefeld

Information management expert

Bastiaan Brefeld has been working as an information management specialist for GeONE for more than a decade. In this role, he assists organisations with information, document and data challenges. Based on these challenges, he has made organisations such as BDO, Koninklijke BAM, Grant Thornton and BNP Paribas more flexible, profitable, innovative and, above all, future-proof. Bastiaan regularly speaks and writes about the information and document management challenges and changes of today and tomorrow.

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