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The 6 main trends of document management systems

Every year, independent analysts such as Gartner and Forrester give their views on the future of document management systems. But how do you translate these visions into concrete criteria that a future-proof DMS must meet?

In this webinar, Bastiaan Brefeld answers that question and discusses the 6 most important trends and developments. With these 6 trends under your belt, you will be able to make the right choices when selecting a document management system. A choice that yields increased acceptance, efficiency, insight, cost savings and, above all, a future-proof system for organisations.

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Thursday 19 April
Start at 15:00
About 30 minutes
Note: limited number of places


In this informative webinar

Latest developments

Developments around document and information management systems are not standing still. We discuss the very latest developments, what is new in the market?

Gartner and Forrester

What are the independent analysts saying in their annual reports? We pick out the main points for you and sum them up.

Concrete practical approach

We translate the complex analyses and latest developments into practical to-do's. With these, you can start working tomorrow.

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Drs. Bastiaan Brefeld

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