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Vision of Dark Data

Dark data

On November 25, the The ONE, sister of GeONE, Gold partner of the by Management Events organised EIM conference at the Spant! in Bussum. The event was attended by more than 100 information and ICT managers from the Top 500 companies in the Netherlands. The aim of the day was to bring as many professionals as possible into contact with experts from the EIM world. The programme included presentations and workshops, covering various information management topics. Bastiaan Brefeld, representing The ONE, gave a presentation in a plenary session entitled "Are you afraid of Dark Data?".

Dark data within organisations is exploding. Unclassified information stored within file-shares, email boxes and SharePoint lists, among others, poses huge risks and costs. As much as 44.5% of all information within Dutch organisations is Dark Data (SOURCE: Veritas 2015).

During his presentation, Bastiaan outlined the issues and causes of Dark Data. In doing so, he presented a refreshing vision of where possible solutions lie to prevent the growth of Dark Data. Given the many reactions after the presentation, the information and ICT professionals present clearly recognised the need to tackle Dark Data.

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