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Will you be our M-Files expert those

information challenges?Optimise processes & workflows?organisations digitise?make information accessible?facilitates a digital workplace?achieving privacy & security?
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Vacancy details

Your function

Business consultant

36-40 hours

Your goal

Helping organisations optimise their information management by identifying customer needs and translating them into the right M-Files set-up

Your customers

Ranging from small startups to more complex large organisations

Information management with M-Files

Are you looking for a job with a lot of variety and do you like a high degree of independence? Do you enjoy working for great big brands from different sectors and do you like translating their processes into the right IT set-up? And all in your own way?

At GeONE, we help our customers optimise their information management thanks to innovative M-Files platform. As a Business Consultant, you are responsible for the complete process: from mapping the customer and its challenge to translating this into the right M-Files setup and training people who will be working with M-Files.

On the basis of our Build & Play method we implement M-Files seamlessly with our customers. The method starts with the initial customer demand and focuses on the customer's objectives, processes, working methods and requirements. These should then be translated into an optimal M-Files set-up so that the customer takes its information management to the next level.

Clients knock on our door with a variety of challenges, from making information available everywhere and quickly to optimising information processes and workflows. Securing documents and information often plays an important role in this. But the use of Artificial Intelligence for information analysis and processing is also increasingly in demand and can be answered with M-Files. Your work consists of highly varied projects at different clients, ranging from startups to large organisations.

What will you do?

Customer contact

You are in constant contact with your customers. From strategic sessions to find out customer needs, processes and ways of working to training end-users through interactive workshops.


Translate the client's processes, working methods and needs into an optimal M-Files setup. Key the platform, flesh out functionalities and achieve the optimal result for the customer.


Obtain various M-Files certificates. We offer the opportunity to take a course or training of your choice and facilitate professional literature that appeals to you. If you want to develop yourself, you are in the right place at GeONE.

What does your week look like?


Together with your colleagues, discuss the week's work. Tell them what you will be doing, what do you need help with? Maybe you can help a colleague with a specific challenge?

Project progress meeting
10:00 - 12:00

Planning the project progress together with your colleagues and the client. In consultation, the work is assigned to the team, so that you too determine how the project is shaped in terms of activities.


At the office, a fully catered lunch is available daily for everyone who can attend.

Preparing workshop
14:00 - 16:30

On Tuesday, you and a colleague will give a workshop at the client's premises. Today you will take the time to prepare for this workshop. What questions will you ask the client? What is the client's business like? What kind of documents does the organisation work with? What processes does the organisation have? What are the possible objectives and intended results?

Giving workshop at the customer's premises
10:00 - 12:00

You will visit a new client with a colleague for an initial workshop. In this workshop, you will identify the customer's needs, processes and way of working. All with the aim of seeing how we can create efficiencies with M-Files.

Elaborating user stories
13:30 - 15:00

You have previously gathered a lot of information about the customer during a workshop. You are going to work out the functional requirements of what the customer wants. The functional requirements of the project, what does the customer want to achieve what goals does the customer have? What will the process look like from the people who literally have to work with it? You sit in the end-user's chair. Describing exactly what the customer wants and translating this into the set-up of M-Files.

Call with customer

You have agreed to briefly update with one of the clients you work for. This way, you can move quickly and solve small problems immediately.

Establish object model
10:30 - 12:00

What kind of objects does the client deal with? Objects such as files, projects, employees, locations, customers and clients, and what is the relationship between these objects? You will map this using the object model and this will serve as the basis for setting up M-Files.


Configuring M-Files
13:00 - 15:00

After you have established all the functional requirements and the object model, you will start configuring M-Files. You are going to configure M-Files to the customer's situation.

Drawing up training plan
15:30 - 17:00

You will sit in the chair of the different users and see what they need to use M-Files optimally. For the client's different target groups, you're going to map out a route everyone learns to work with M-Files. How should they use it, will anything change in their work process?

Starting later

Presenting M-Files layout
10:00 - 12:00

Visiting the client, you and a colleague present the furnishings you have created for the client.


Providing M-Files training
14:00 - 16:00

Instructing and supervising client employees. You will provide training on how they will work with M-Files, listen to questions employees have, and incorporate comments and questions into the set-up of M-Files.


Together with your colleagues, you go into Utrecht to have a nice drink and discuss everything that is not work-related!

Follow M-Files webinar

M-Files has a new release, with new functionalities. You are going to discover these in a webinar organised by M-Files in order to put them back into the customer solution.


Internal knowledge session

Exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues so that you can learn from each other. What have you learned from past projects and how can we use these lessons learned as an organisation?

GeONE update
14:30 - 16:00

Once in a while, we discuss our way of working with all colleagues. What goes well with the way we work? How can we improve it internally? You can influence how we work! Do you have a good idea? This is the time to discuss it.

"I really get all the freedom in the way I work"- Anthony is Lead business consultant at GeONERead interview with Anthony

What do you bring?

  • Experience with information management, DMS and ECM is a plus
  • Technical background
  • Analytical, creative and a good listener
  • Minimum 3 years' experience in software configuration

Working at GeONE means

Grow & develop

At GeONE, we listen to your ambitions and are attentive to your drives and talents. With us, you learn what you want to learn through courses and training you choose yourself.

Scoring & laughing

Fun team outings, always being there for each other and an informal atmosphere where equality is paramount. Cooperation and fun define our success!

A good reward

An excellent salary, contributory pension scheme, lease car, mileage allowance or public transport allowance, catered lunch and laptop plus phone of your choice.


With us, real freedom, where you have every opportunity to shape your time and career yourself. We offer room for growth opportunities and organise your working week as best suits you.

We'd love to get in touch with you!

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