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Thunnissen innovates information management with M-Files

In a strategic move to take their information management to the next level, Thunnissen, active in the construction sector, chose the information platform M-Files. For guidance, implementation and optimisation, Thunnissen will partner with GeONE. This collaboration is aimed at strengthening Thunnissen's business objectives by executing projects better and faster and optimising internal documentation processes.

An intelligent and integrated platform

M-Files, known for its intelligent management of information and documents, integrates with existing CRM systems and Outlook, enabling Thunnissen to achieve seamless workflow and communication. The implementation also includes template functionality, an advanced rights structure for document access and management, and digital signing combined with an approval workflow, making document management more efficient and secure.

Working smarter for higher customer satisfaction

The choice of M-Files reflects Thunnissen's commitment to innovation and efficiency, with features that simplify document search and retrieval, improve collaboration with external parties and integration with AFAS and Woonon (buyer portal). These functionalities are essential for Thunnissen to manage its projects smarter and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Moreover, the migration from SharePoint to M-Files will ensure a smooth transition and better data integrity.
"The implementation of M-Files represents a significant advance in our ability to manage and leverage critical information efficiently. The M-Files platform enables us to execute our projects with greater speed and accuracy, while streamlining our internal documentation processes." explains Peter Rietbroek, IT manager at Thunnissen.

Guidance on M-Files implementation by GeONE

GeONE, the largest M-Files supplier worldwide, plays a crucial role in this transformation by providing Thunnissen with, not only the M-Files technology, but also expert guidance and support throughout the implementation process and beyond. "We are delighted to partner with Thunnissen and support them in realising their vision for information management. Thunnissen's ambition is very much in line with ours. M-Files is central to this transformation, allowing Thunnissen to pursue its business objectives more effectively," said Bastiaan Brefeld of GeONE.

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