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The end of Microsoft Biztalk server - now what?

Does your organisation use Microsoft BizTalk server? Then you are probably aware of the phase-out. Now is the right time to consider what your next step will be, as Microsoft will soon discontinue support for this integration platform.

Microsoft recommends switching to different Azure SaaS products, but this can cost a lot of time, money and effort. If you prefer one integration platform with all the necessary functionalities and even additional features, without exponentially increasing costs, it is worth reading more about our evaluation process. In it, we map out all aspects of migrating from BizTalk to eMagiz.

Microsoft has announced that support for BizTalk Server 2016 will end. This means that organisations currently using this integration platform should start thinking about alternatives.

While Microsoft offers several Azure SaaS products as potential replacements for BizTalk functionality, there are also drawbacks to these options. Implementing and managing separate products can be complex and time-consuming, and it can lead to higher costs for the organisation.

While Azure SaaS products may be suitable in certain scenarios, organisations should consider whether this move meets both their current and future integration needs and goals. Organisations should consider issues such as:

  • The continuity of the integration landscape.
  • Avoiding a significant increase in costs.
  • Future functionality needs and integration patterns.

Migrating Microsoft Biztalk Server

As an organisation, do you want to ensure continuity, avoid costs and innovate more? Then read the white paper on migrating Microsoft Biztalk Server.

Come in a online interview with one of our specialists find out what GeONE can do for your organisation during such a migration

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