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File management at ambitious accountantCROP takes big step towards greater efficiency
and improved collaboration
CROP takes big step towards greater efficiency and improved collaboration

Within accountancy, CROP accountants & advisers maintain a reputation for professionalism and continuous service improvement. As a full-service accounting firm, they offer much more than just annual audits and tax returns. Their services also include legal advice, human resources, interim management, corporate finance and security services. CROP's distinguishing feature lies in the diversity of their specialists, who work together in every field to provide their clients with the peace of mind they desire.


  • Optimal cooperation between different professional disciplines
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Major time savings through fast findability
  • Strong information security and regulatory compliance
  • Large savings on storage costs and simplified IT infrastructure

Information and documents play a crucial role in these services. In this story, Sigurd Felix, IT manager at CROP, explains how M-Files makes information and documents secure and findable, allows departments to collaborate optimally and provides every file with a 360-degree customer view.

The importance of documents

Documents are the beating heart of every professional service provider and this is also true for CROP, says Sigurd Felix, IT manager on duty: "Our processes, such as audit work and financial analyses, are highly dependent on reliable information. These documents range from substantiation and evidence to the tangible output of our advice and services."

And this is where the challenge began, Felix continues, "Documents were scattered across traditional network drives, making them hard to find, often stored in duplicate and also difficult to search. There was no efficient version control and collaboration between departments was, in short, challenging."

CROP wants to move forward and chose to change for that reason. "The main goal was to facilitate mutual collaboration by making documents accessible to everyone, based on roles and authority, anywhere and on any device." explains Felix. But how could this be achieved?

A smart platform offers a solution

After a thorough evaluation of several document solutions, M-Files came out of the equation as the best choice. When asked what sets M-Files apart from the rest, the IT manager replied, "It's in M-Files' core philosophy, focusing on document usage rather than mere storage. M-Files cleverly exploits metadata, allowing the structure of the system to seamlessly align with our business processes. M-Files adapts to our way of working and not the other way around."

In figures, CROP has decommissioned several systems, saving costs and drastically reducing the complexity of the IT environment. This was not even the main goal: "Reducing our application landscape is a nice result, but the real improvement is in the multiple angles to information." Felix makes a nice comparison: "Whether you search for a document via an employee, customer, project or file, you always end up with the right AND the latest version. Thanks to those multiple angles, M-Files is like a Netflix for documents and information."

Felix is not the only one who is happy: "What employees appreciate most about M-Files is the easy access to documents, transparent status updates, clear version control and the complete picture created of the customer in one central place."

"The complete customer view that M-Files enables has an immediate positive effect on our services."

A partner who gets everything out of M-Files

GeONE played a crucial role in exploiting the full potential of M-Files, says Felix. "Their pragmatic approach with small sprints and quick results exceeded our expectations. GeONE's expertise in M-Files implementations was palpable from the first moment and their commitment to us as customers made all the difference."

With M-Files as their solution and GeONE as their digital partner, CROP Accountants has embarked on a journey from traditional document management to a future full of efficiency, optimal collaboration and a complete client view. The change is tangible and the results are significant. CROP is ready for the digital future.


Sustainable Records Management

for document-intensive organisations

Bastiaan Brefeld
Information management expert

Document-intensive organisations (those that work a lot with documents) are under pressure. The competition increases, information risks grow and the market demand forces organisations to be smarter and, above all more sustainable dealing with information.

How, thanks to information technology, can you offering value to your customers?

In my upcoming webinar, I will tell you how to use M-Files the file management of your organisation sustainable makes. I show on the basis of practical examples See how to get a complete picture of your customer so you can exceed expectations. How to make sure your colleagues work together smartly and keep information safe at all times. And how to secure and make better use of knowledge in the organisation, so your organisation can grow.

The topics

  • A full 360-degree customer view
  • Files quickly findable and secure at the same time
  • Secure knowledge in the organisation and work together smarter
  • Eliminate errors thanks to version assurance
  • Effortless saving of e-mails & attachments
  • Risk-free document sharing

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