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Documents safe, findable and in order?

Bastiaan Brefeld
Information management expert


Sustainable document management

for document-intensive organisations

Document-intensive organisations (organisations that work a lot with documents) are under high pressure. The competition has increased sharply, information risks grow and the market demand forces these organisations to be smarter and, more importantly more sustainable to work.

In my upcoming webinar, I will tell you how to make the document management of your organisation sustainable makes. I show a tool that will help you exceed customer expectations, keep your colleagues' time, ensure information is always secure and better utilise existing knowledge in the organisation.

The topics

  • Google-like search for documents and information
  • Information accessible and secure
  • Knowledge management 2.0
  • Always the correct and latest version of a document
  • Quickly archive e-mails & attachments in a structured manner
  • Risk-free document sharing

Register webinar

  • Tuesday, 11 January 2023 - 11:00 a.m.
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Organisations we help

We are a club of enthusiasts

Who helps organisations with their document management challenges

For more than 20 years, GeONE consists of a group of enthusiasts who delight in information and document management challenges of organisations that want to move forward. For GeONE, business processes are always the starting point. With intelligent solutions, we optimise those processes and align them with your business objectives. GeONE transforms your IT department from a cost centre to a profit centre. In this way, we contribute to the organisation's profitability, service orientation and innovative capacity. Your result is leading, not the solution.

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