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Cleverness with metadata

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Documents in order thanks to metadata

Every organisation faces challenges around documents to a greater or lesser extent. One challenge, for example, is not being able to find a document. The jumble of folders, locations and systems where that document might be. Everyone knows it, creating a document because you're tired of searching. Which is actually unnecessary, if you could have found the location of the document.

But imagine if the location of a document no longer mattered...

That it is no longer about where that document is...

Or that you remember the file name...

But that it's all about the properties of your document!

That names and numbers become more important than the folder

That you group documents by topics

Perhaps several at a time

Such are the possibilities of metadata

Metadata are like labels (sort of document properties) that you assign to a document, which you then use to create infinite possibilities in finding, managing and securing it. Group documents intelligently, work with extended versions and changes and protect documents from unwanted eyes.

In this broadcast, we discuss what metadata is, how to use it and what advantages metadata offers. We do this using existing use cases from organisations such as BDO, Heilijgers and Rai Amsterdam, among others.

In this broadcast

  • What are metadata?
  • Find documents instantly thanks to metadata
  • Screen documents with metadata
  • Manage versions of a document with metadata
  • Smart workflows via metadata
  • Metadata in practice at organisations such as BDO, Rai Amsterdam and Heilijgers
  • Artificial intelligence: how robots can organise documents with metadata

About GeONE Live

With GeONE Live, we create online broadcasts to share knowledge. In each live broadcast, we discuss a topic around document and information management. The latest trends, developments, innovations & tips, live from Utrecht.

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Tuesday 3 December - 11:00 a.m.
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Bastiaan Brefeld

Your presenter

This episode of GeONE Live is presented by Bastiaan Brefeld. Bastiaan has been working as an information management specialist for GeONE for more than a decade. In this role, he assists organisations with information, document and data challenges. Based on these challenges, he has made organisations such as BDO, Koninklijke BAM, Grant Thornton and BNP Paribas more flexible, profitable, innovative and, above all, future-proof. Bastiaan regularly speaks and writes about today's information and document management challenges and changes.

We helped more than 500 companies, organisations and governments

We are a club of enthusiasts

Who helps organisations with their document management challenges

We are the guys from GeONE. All driven professionals with one and the same passion: helping organisations move forward by managing documents smarter. We do this for organisations that want to move forward. For organisations that realise that data, documents and information play a decisive role in their success. Even more so tomorrow than today.

More about GeONE
Organisations about GeONE

Thanks to GeONE, the same document is now in multiple files.

I have a dashboard per project. Per project the important documents and their versions.B

Innovation club and real problem solvers!

They have a lot of experience and understand our document management.

Our technical need is for colleagues in critical situations not to have to search for information they need. We came up with something clever with GeONE that allows everyone to get personalised information and documents.

Incredibly well advised on our document management, they are knowledgeable.

A perfect support for our document management.

They understand our processes and have a keen sense of where our challenges lie.

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