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Next-generation customer management.

Meet M-Files for Salesforce. The solution for searching, managing and securing documents directly in the Salesforce interface.

What is M-Files for Salesforce?

M-Files for Salesforce provides out-of-the-box functionality for professional document management, compliance and governance directly in the Salesforce user interface. With the integrated solution, organisations find, manage and secure documents and related processes from within Salesforce. This makes switching between different applications a thing of the past.

Get more out of Salesforce

Bring everything together, complete files. Connect customer data with customer documents. Salesforce as the one-stop shop for all customer information.

360 Customer view

All information, data and documents in one place: Salesforce.

Avoid mistakes

Prevent misinformation. Create a single-point-of-truth with Salesforce.


Switching between different applications is over.


Data and content is encrypted, both in transit and in rest


Comply with laws & regulations easier and faster.

Add features to Salesforce

M-Files for Salesforce brings a full set of document management functionalities to Salesforce.

External sources

Find, manage and secure documents from other sources such as file shares, Google Drive, SharePoint and many more.


Display and management of document attributes and properties.

Version management

Comprehensive version management, with major and minor versions, log and easy rollback.


Manage intelligent document processes, such as document approval or review.

Google-like search

Find documents at lightning speed thanks to the Google-like search functionality.


Simultaneous document collaboration.


Enterprise-level security of data and documents, both in transit and residual.


Advanced management of access and permissions, using metadata.

Document templates

Work with standardised templates for fast document creation.

Webinar M-Files for Salesforce

M-Files, Salesforce and GeONE present the operation of M-Files for Salesforce in this on-demand webinar. In less than half an hour, they will discuss the functionalities, benefits and you will see a demonstration of the solution in Salesforce.

25 minutes
Viewable on any device
Watch directly or whenever you want
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