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Qwintess will manage files with M-Files

Qwintess, experts in taxation and accountancy, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with GeONE, specialists in optimising document and information management. Qwintess has decided to house its files and documents in M-Files, the leading information platform. For the implementation of this far-reaching project, Qwintess enlisted the help of GeONE.

Clear, secure and findable

Qwintess is known for its ongoing commitment to quality and innovation in the accountancy sector, with a strong focus on the human and intangible aspect. The company thoroughly researched various file and document management solutions and chose M-Files for its advanced features, flexibility and proven success in corporate and financial services. With M-Files, Qwintess is able to create unified files, making customer information and documents unambiguous, secure and quickly findable.

Streamlined operations and higher customer satisfaction

Johan van Leeuwen, ICT manager at Qwintess, explains why M-Files was chosen: "At Qwintess, we are always looking for ways to improve our operational efficiency and offer our customers the best possible service. Digital innovations are high on our agenda in this respect. M-Files allows us to manage our files and documents more effectively, resulting in streamlined operations and higher customer satisfaction. We have full confidence in GeONE's expertise to guide us through the implementation of M-Files."

Strategic cooperation with GeONE

The collaboration with GeONE is seen as a valuable partnership for Qwintess. GeONE is a renowned player in the information management domain. Moreover, the company has already been named Global M-Files Partner of the Year three times. GeONE's in-depth knowledge and experience will support Qwintess in the successful implementation and optimisation of M-Files.

Bastiaan Brefeld, information management expert at GeONE, is very confident about the partnership: "We are delighted to partner with Qwintess and support them in their quest for streamlined file and document management. M-Files is a powerful platform that enables organisations to organise, share and manage information effectively. Together with Qwintess, we will maximise the benefits of M-Files and help them achieve their business goals."

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