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Market leader in paperless meetings with SharePoint

iBabs is the most widely used app for paperless meetings. iBabs supports many boards of directors, executive meetings, departmental meetings, as well as less formal meetings for managing agendas, meeting documents and action lists.

iBabs provides a secure distribution of meeting documents and agendas and features a link to SharePoint. The app is platform independent and suitable for iPad, Android and Windows and can even be used via the internet browser.

In short, safe and above all Easily make your meeting documents available from SharePoint.

Simple planning.

iBabs provides a clear agenda. Meetings that always take place at the same location and time only need to be entered once. The required documents can be linked to the desired agenda items and are automatically converted to PDF. These documents are then immediately available on tablets and laptops.

Simple preparation.

The pile of papers, gives way to your tablet. After all, everything you need to prepare for the meeting is under the right agenda item. You can add documents and notes yourself and share them with colleagues. You can prepare a meeting at any time, wherever you are.

iBabs Ipad

paperless meetings

Flexible meetings.

With iBabs, you spend less time preparing, while cooperation with colleagues is made easier. When you open iBabs, you immediately see the agenda with the relevant agenda items and associated documents. So the people involved always have the right versions to hand. Moreover, action points can be named and decisions recorded before or during the meeting. The agreements and decisions made can always be read back.

Quick start and platform independent

Whether you use a laptop or a tablet running Apple IOS, Android or Windows 8, iBabs is platform-independent and is so user-friendly that you can get started right away without IT help. Moreover, the system runs at iBabs' secure data centre.


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