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Mizuho opts for M-Files supplied by GeONE

Mizuho Bank Europe N.V. (MBE), the Dutch subsidiary of Japanese bank Mizuho Bank, Ltd., has opted for its European offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid and Vienna for M-Files as a central platform for information management and workflow automation. With M-Files, MBE aims to realise its digitisation ambitions, including full paperless operations, efficiency improvements and increased insight into the bank's processes. The global financial player will start implementing its budget and non-budget approval processes. Mizuho also opts for GeONE, specialist in optimising document and information management, as implementation partner.

With M-Files, Mizuho houses all documents, information and associated processes on a central platform, embracing the possibilities of digitising processes. Thanks to M-Files' unique metadata approach, Mizuho possesses extensive capabilities to link workflows to forms, employees and departments. Linking information and related objects to various forms creates a clear overview of available information and the progress of related processes. As a result, the bank creates a grip on various process steps and monitors progress thanks to smart workflow automation.

Looking for a future-proof platform

MBE's Project Manager explains why they chose M-Files: "To realise our digitisation ambitions, we were not only looking for a document and workflow management solution, but also for an advanced platform that was flexible, user-friendly and easy to integrate. We started with our approval management processes, which could be intelligently digitised thanks to M-Files."

The volume of documents and associated processes is large within MBE, therefore control and insight into processes is key, the Project Manager explains: "Because M-Files is based on a unique metadata structure, we link employees to tasks and can easily enforce and closely track these processes. Thanks to the platform, we do this across our different departments so that we know exactly who has done what at any given time or is yet to do it. This enables us to be compliant with the various guidelines we have to comply with as a bank."

GeONE implementation partner with sector knowledge

The Project Manager explains how the Japanese bank chose GeONE: "Thanks to M-Files' in-depth knowledge, GeONE immediately understood how to optimise our processes. That brought us together on smart optimisations that delivered major efficiency gains. We are also not surprised that GeONE is M-Files partner of the year."

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