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M-Files launches document management solution for Salesforce in the Netherlands and Belgium

M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management organisation, today announced the availability of the document management solution for Salesforce in the Netherlands and Belgium. A joint webinar with GeONE, Global M-Files Partner of the Year 2020, demonstrates the benefits of the solution and provides a practical insight into implementing M-Files for Salesforce.

Available directly in the familiar Salesforce user interface, the M-Files-based document management solution provides out-of-the-box functionality for professional document management, compliance and governance. M-Files enables direct access in Salesforce to all customer-related data and documents, regardless of storage location, creating a 360-degree view of the customer.  

Document display and management in Salesforce

M-Files for Salesforce brings a full set of document management functionalities to Salesforce, including cloud and on-premise storage locations, metadata management, version control, security, authorisations, collaboration, workflows, digital signatures, document templates, compliance support and more. It also eliminates the need for migration by providing access within Salesforce to content from external sources such as on-premise file shares, OneDrive or SharePoint.

The integrated M-Files document management solution improves daily productivity by allowing Salesforce users to stay focused on accounts in Salesforce, without having to switch to other applications to find and use important related documents and other information. Document creation and processing plus managing versions, metadata, authorisations, document processes and more takes place directly in Salesforce. This provides organisations with up-to-date records and makes Salesforce the single-point-of-truth for customer information.

A boost for Salesforce Customer 360

In 2018, Salesforce launched the Customer 360 initiative, aiming to create a complete picture of the customer. Customer 360 focuses mainly on structured data. M-Files now adds unstructured data, such as Microsoft Office files, image and video files, email and other communications, and makes data from different sources available migration-free in Salesforce. In this way, all content is provided in context, creating a full 360-degree view of the customer. 

GeONE offers local expertise in the Netherlands and Belgium with the new solution thanks to successful implementations, including in the insurance industry. Bastiaan Brefeld, responsible for M-Files at GeONE, explains the benefits: "Almost every organisation has to deal with managing existing and new customers and Salesforce is a great tool to do this with. However, what you want as an organisation is for employees to be provided with all relevant customer information. This means complete customer files with both customer data, but therefore also all associated documents, emails and correspondence, including managing this content and all in one place. With M-Files, Salesforce becomes the one-stop shop for all customer information. And that helps employees serve customers better, more efficiently and faster."

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