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Manage documents intelligently.

With M-Files, organisations put an end to their document chaos.

Manage documents intelligently.

With M-Files, organisations put an end to their document chaos.

Save time, increase insight and avoid risks

Streamline your document management with M-Files.[et_parent tab_style="linebox" equal_width_tabs="yes" justified="true" tab_align="centre" colour_tab_txt="rgba(255,255,255,0.68)" color_tab_bg="#2b2c2c" color_act_txt="#2b2c" color_act_bg="#ffa801″ color_hover_bg="#2b2c2c" color_content_txt="#ffffff" title_font_size="18px"][et_single icon="fa fa-search" tab_title="Search & find" tab_id="1564562563609-5″]
M-Files screenshot filter
Stop searching, find documents in a Google-like way
Save documents with metadata
Link company data (structured) to documents (unstructured data)
Search in metadata & full text
Filter exactly what you are looking for
Search all document sources simultaneously
[/et_single][et_single icon="fa fa-check" tab_title="Correct version" tab_id="1564562563708-3″]
M-Files screenshot version control
Working in the correct version of a document, always
Always one workable version
All versions are saved
Easy rollback to previous versions
Comprehensive log of changes
Check-in and check-out functionality
Comprehensive version management
[/et_single][et_single icon="fa-microchip" tab_title="Artificial Intelligence" tab_id="1564562728410-3-1″]
M-Files metadata suggestions
Let artificial intelligence do the work for you
Extracting metadata
Linking metadata
Classification of documents
Recognition of document structures
[/et_single][et_single icon="fa fa-refresh" tab_title="Workflow" tab_id="1564562776870-4-8″]
M-Files workflow management
Optimise document processes without disrupting them
Extensive notification possibilities
Digital legal signature
Automate document processes such as
Contract management
Invoice management
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Quality documents
[/et_single][et_single icon="fa fa-home" tab_title="Mobile" tab_id="1564562812317-5-8″]
M-Files applications
Complete document management in your pocket
Access all documents anywhere
Make documents available offline
Digital signing on mobile device
Scan documents
Version management

They manage their documents intelligently

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"M-Files' unique agnostic approach to document location makes it a perfect solution for getting a grip on documents, including with regard to GDPR."

M-Files review Gartner

"The 'what' versus 'where' approach to documents is more intuitive and user-friendly than any other system."

M-Files review Nucleus

"With M-Files, you find documents unprecedentedly fast and create efficiency by automating processes around documents, no matter how complex."

Reviews M-Files by Trustradius

Connect and integrate with all your existing software

M-Files is an open platform

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