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Integrate everything.
No exceptions.

With eMagiz's iPaas platform, we offer companies a central platform where all systems and data come together.

Platform for digital ambitions.

eMagiz's iPaas is a central integration platform that allows you to connect everything in your organisation. You click your software, systems or perhaps sensors into the platform to then store, shoot, edit or enrich it. With eMagiz, nothing stands in the way of your organisation becoming completely data-driven.


The form of your application or system no longer matters, connect the cloud to on-premise or vice-versa. 


With integration patterns like Messaging, API gateway and Event Streaming, any use case can be solved.

Low-code platform.

Not programming, but configuring. Forget dependence on software and expensive consultants. Make integrations and data flows visual.


Your teams are able to create their own solutions. Innovate, digitise and optimise faster.

More independent

Stop leaving your fate to the whims of scarce IT programmers and keep a grip.

Better cooperation

Users can quickly and efficiently develop new processes and workflows, improving collaboration between departments.

The platform for digital transformationsecurity & compliancesupply chain integrationlegacy migrationmaster data managementinsight into your data flows

Deploy the eMagiz iPaas for your organisation's needs.

Digital transformation

Digitise processes and build these flows yourself in the platform.

Security & compliance

Stay compliant with ISO, SOC2 and AVG. Keep a grip on all data flows and ensure they are secure.

Supply chain integration

Simply click partner applications and data sources into the platform.

Legacy migration

Thanks to the platform, you easily move data from every conceivable application.

Master data management

Organise a single data truth that reduces inefficiencies in your application landscape. 

Understanding data flows

Quickly see what, where and when is happening with all the data flowing through the organisation.

Close in the Netherlands.

The eMagiz platform is entirely Dutch and is developed in Enschede, with the great advantage that organisations can quickly switch to the platform. Be it new functionalities or adjustments that need to be made.

Send along

Short lines of communication with technical support and development.

SOC2 type 2

Processing and storing data according to the latest guidelines.


Comply with Dutch & European laws and regulations.

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