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This position is the ideal interface between business, IT and people work

Anthony on his work as Lead Business Consultant at GeONE

For almost a decade, he worked on a software solution from a partnership for Dutch municipalities. He developed from tester to coordinator and even became responsible for setting up an entire service desk. After playing out this public sector role, he was ready for more challenge and variety, which he found at GeONE. Anthony (35) started at GeONE as a Business Consultant and grew to the position of Lead Business Consultant. He enjoys working here because he can develop himself, no project and client is the same, he gets a lot of freedom and, of course, thanks to his colleagues with whom he works a lot and who are always there for him.

Lead Business Consultant, what kind of position is that?

"To understand that, it is good to explain my previous position as a Business Consultant. At GeONE, we help our customers optimise their information management using the intelligent information platform M-Files. As a Business Consultant, you are responsible for the entire process, from the initial customer request to the after-care of the people working with it. Customers come to us with a variety of challenges, from making documents available, managed and secured everywhere to very complex integration issues. Now as Lead Business Consultant, I get to steer the team of Business Consultants."

Can you tell a bit more about M-Files?

"M-Files is an intelligent information management system that allows organisations to find, manage and secure their documents in a quick and user-friendly way. M-Files is characterised by its flexibility, which allows us to move very well with client needs and client's way of working. Thus, with M-Files we can solve all document and information challenges, where other situations often require multiple solutions or applications. Because M-Files can do so much, the nature of projects at GeONE also varies enormously and we can solve challenges in an awful lot of different industries and sectors."Learn more about M-Files

So how does such an M-Files project proceed at the client?

"Through various workshops, we map out their needs, objectives and information and document processes together with the customer and see where gains can be made. Using our 'Build & Play method', we work with the customer to develop the solution in M-Files. This means that we work with prototypes that we continuously test with the customer before moving forward. So that way we work closely together and the customer has continuous control and insight into the project. We set up M-Files step by step, together with the customer, so that we gradually move towards efficiency and a new way of working that fits in with the processes. That hands-on approach typifies GeONE enormously and that's a nice atmosphere to work in."

What makes your job so fun?

"It is hugely varied. On the one hand, I plunge into the client's business, their processes, the way they work and the movement of people. On the other hand, I am close to the IT, i.e. the solution. When I see how we really help customers and what successes this produces and how it makes people happy, it gives me great satisfaction. At GeONE we also dare to be critical in the customer's interest, so that we can be sure that we actually offer the customer the right solution. Even if it causes a bit of a rub. Moreover, I can really put my own spin on my projects and enjoy the responsibility, great independence and variety. I feel ownership here because I can do things my way and I am appreciated for that.
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So what about the freedom you get?

"Yes, I haven't experienced that freedom in this way before. A good example is how I can develop here. There is no standard growth or personal development plan, no, they look at what you are good at. The focus is on becoming excellent at it and I am given tools to tackle my points of improvement. This does not happen out of some kind of obligation, but rather organically and that gives energy."

So you provide software?

"As GeONE, we are not a shop that simply sells a software product on the spot. No, we are the trusted advisor who stands next to the customer, thinks with him, dares to contradict him and always thinks about how we can achieve the best result for the customer. This is why we also spend a lot of time defining the challenge posed by the customer; we don't come up with the solution right away. The diagnosis is sometimes more important than the medicine. And even when we have found a perfect solution, it is not from here please and good luck with it. We spend an awful lot of time and attention on the people who ultimately have to work with our solutions. That is a piece of change management that requires a lot, but is also very rewarding. In the end, the end users determine the success of our assignments and we fight very hard for that."

And besides work?

"The culture is very flat, which means everyone works with everyone and is also always there for each other. We all need each other too because the projects require the qualities of each individual here. And that combined with an atmosphere where you feel free, where there is room for a little something other than work. A game of table football, for example. There is performance here with a relaxed smile!"


Join us as a business consultant

What we ask

Completed HBO or WO education
Preferably a technical field (Computer Science, Technical Business Administration, etc.)
Knowledge and experience with database techniques such as Oracle and SQL server
Experience with project management methodologies Prince 2, SCRUM or PMP is a plus
Communicatively strong

What we offer

A working environment with real freedom, where we place responsibility on you and you have every opportunity to work on your personal development.
You will work in a fun and friendly team that is always there for each other.
The opportunity for further development and advancement. The position has a lot of independence and freedom, but you will not be thrown in at the deep end: you will receive the necessary guidance.
An excellent salary.
A lease car or mileage allowance.
A phone of your choice and laptop.
Pension provision contribution.
Regular social team activities.
Not a weak cup, but really good coffee

For questions, call or email Bastiaan Brefeld.
06 4808 6534

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