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Intelligent information management with M-Files

Visionary approach to document management

M-Files is not just a tool, it is an innovative approach in document management. M-Files represents three key elements:


M-Files takes a different approach from other DMS software. M-Files manages information in an intuitive way by looking at what kind of document it is, rather than where it is stored. No more guessing where a document belongs. Moreover, M-Files labels documents to other important business objects such as a customer, project or case. Documents are dynamically displayed when needed, including automatic permissions and workflows.


With M-Files' open architecture, there is no need to store information in a single monolithic solution. M-Files can interface with other systems and repositories, including network drive, e-mail, file sharing services such as Google Drive and Box, CRM, ERP, legacy ECM systems and much more. Information can be used and managed in one place, without interfering with other systems and processes.


M-Files uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to automate, simplify and make the way users interact with documents and information more efficient. For example, M-Files recognises document at the type level, such as an invoice, contract, project proposal and more. But M-Files goes further: it can even analyse information from documents such as dates, customers, people, departments, projects and more.

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