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Heijmans opts for M-Files supplied by GeONE

Heijmans has opted for M-Files as a cloud solution for document and information management around its infrastructure and utility projects. For the implementation of M-Files, the maintenance of the platform and the development of future innovations, Heijmans entered into a partnership with the Dutch company GeONE, Europe's largest M-Files supplier.

Heijmans has been successfully working on their cloud strategy for years, with which many steps have already been taken to further digitalise its projects and employees. With the current system, Heijmans reached a point where it no longer met its flexibility, scalability, user-friendliness and needs for the future. To meet these needs of the organisation, Heijmans opted for the future-proof platform M-Files.

With M-Files, the construction company gains new capabilities in document management around its projects. Among other things, Heijmans will make use of extensive metadata, advanced workflows for reviewing and approving documents and artificial intelligence for analysing information. This will allow the company to further optimise the lifecycle of documents and information around its projects.

The search for a sustainable and flexible platform

Leo de Cort, business manager Process and Environmental Management at Heijmans, on the choice of M-Files: "As a maker, our focus is on improving, streamlining and increasing sustainability so that we can create a healthy living environment. Within our cloud strategy, we were therefore looking for a platform that is not set in stone, but rather moves with us and can adapt to tomorrow's demand. M-Files offers that flexibility both in terms of functionalities and scalability. M-Files adapts to our way of working and not the other way around and is also extremely user-friendly. That takes us further as an organisation and helps our employees at the same time. In addition, with M-Files we take our information security to a new level.

Long-term partnership with GeONE for tomorrow's innovations 

The construction company concluded a multi-year partnership with Utrecht-based GeONE, about which De Cort is very enthusiastic: "Based on an extensive selection process, we went looking for a future-proof DMS product including a strategic partner. GeONE came into the picture because of their proven track record in the field of information management within complex and document-intensive organisations. During successive selection rounds, GeONE challenged us time and again with their infectious vision on information management. Moreover, thanks to GeONE's strategy lab, we will structurally benefit from new innovations in the field of M-Files and information management."

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