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Getting a grip on documents in Microsoft Teams?

Bastiaan Brefeld
Information management expert


Documents in Microsoft Teams

5 hacks for better document management

The use of Microsoft Teams is growing, as is the number of channels, sites and chats. How do you keep an overview and grip on the decentralised growth of documents and data within these separate islands? Discover M-Files for Microsoft Teams.

The topics

Every channel, site and chat has its own document management. With M-Files, you create a central overview of all documents, permissions, versioning and workflows. From information chaos, to content cockpit.

With Microsoft 365, you have to remember where content is and search through folders, sites and Teams chats to find it. With M-Files, you simply specify what you are looking for and use metadata for contextual searching. Choose context and forget locations.

With Microsoft 365, access control is static and impossible to maintain due to folder, site and team restrictions. With M-Files, you base access on your company's rules and workflow. Discover ultimate flexibility thanks to fine-grained access based on document type, workflow status, user role and stage in the document lifecycle.

M-Files makes Microsoft 365 the central gateway to all data and documents, including from other systems and storage locations. Find, open and manage all documents and other data in the interfaces of the Microsoft 365 applications themselves. Less switching between applications, more convenience and overview.

By using M-Files as the single source of information (Single point of truth), you unlock an automated audit trail for every document access and editing. Be ready for an audit at any time, worry-free.

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For more than 20 years, GeONE consists of a group of enthusiasts who delight in information and document management challenges of organisations that want to move forward. For GeONE, business processes are always the starting point. With intelligent solutions, we optimise those processes and align them with your business objectives. GeONE transforms your IT department from a cost centre to a profit centre. In this way, we contribute to the organisation's profitability, service orientation and innovative capacity. Your result is leading, not the solution.

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