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Documents safe, findable and in order?

Bastiaan Brefeld
Information management expert


Document management in the construction industry

Safe, findable and in order

Whether drawings, reports, e-mails, presentations, work instructions or minutes, every construction company has to deal with it: a growing volume of documents and information. 

How do you keep a grip and control on documents? Where are documents located and who uses which application? How do you know for sure what the latest and correct version is? How do you avoid failure costs due to incorrect information? How do you share documents securely and prevent data leaks? How do you make documents findable? And all this in the cloud?

In this webinar, we demonstrate the power of M-Files for the construction industry. The M-Files document management platform enables construction, engineering and installation companies to instantly find and use the right documents in any context, automate tasks and gain control over information.

The topics

  • Quick search & find (also in other apps and locations)
  • Information accessible and secure
  • Automating tasks, approvals & workflows
  • Always the correct and latest version of a document
  • Quickly archive e-mails & attachments in a structured manner
  • Risk-free document sharing (internal & external)
  • Grip on who can and may do what
  • Collaborate easily on a document
  • Access anywhere, regardless of workplace

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  • Tuesday, 23 May 2023 - 11:00 a.m.
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