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Get your document management in order with these 5 tips

Document chaos costs a lot of money

Document chaos within organisations has many recognisable symptoms. From endlessly searching for documents to duplicating documents previously created. According to research, employees spend an average of an hour a day searching for documents.

Document management in order

In this broadcast, we give 5 tips to ensure you get an overview and grip on your document management. Make sure employees find documents instantly, don't re-create them unnecessarily, documents don't come under the wrong eyes and much more.

Compare document management systems on 15 features

With our independent checklist, you easily put document management systems against the yardstick. You assess document management systems on 6 important topics (15 properties): usability, personalisation, intelligence, mobile, architecture and integration.

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Independent checklist
15 success factors of a DMS
Concrete practical approach
Hundreds of organisations have gone before you

We helped more than 500 companies, organisations and governments

We are a club of enthusiasts

Who helps organisations with their document management challenges

For more than 20 years, GeONE consists of a group of enthusiasts who delight in information and document management challenges of organisations that want to move forward. For GeONE, business processes are always the starting point. With intelligent solutions, we optimise those processes and align them with your business objectives. GeONE transforms your IT department from a cost centre to a profit centre. In this way, we contribute to the organisation's profitability, service orientation and innovative capacity. Your result is leading, not the solution.

Organisations about GeONE

Thanks to GeONE, the same document is now in multiple files.

I have a dashboard per project. Per project the important documents and their versions.B

Innovation club and real problem solvers!

They have a lot of experience and understand our document management.

Our technical need is for colleagues in critical situations not to have to search for information they need. We came up with something clever with GeONE that allows everyone to get personalised information and documents.

Incredibly well advised on our document management, they are knowledgeable.

A perfect support for our document management.

They understand our processes and have a keen sense of where our challenges lie.

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