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Decupere & Partners chooses M-Files as its DMS

Decupere & Partners, active in the Belgian accountancy sector, has announced that they have opted for M-Files as their new Document Management System (DMS). This strategic move marks an important development in their ongoing commitment to strengthening their operational efficiency and further optimising their file and client management. M-Files is supplied by GeONE Belgium, specialist in optimising document and information management.

Optimising customer files and document processes

M-Files is a renowned document management platform that offers innovative optimisations for managing files, documents and business processes. Many accounting firms choose M-Files because of the unification of client files. By switching to M-Files, Decupere & Partners aims to modernise and streamline their document management, resulting in improved accessibility, better collaboration between departments and teams and increased productivity.

"Choosing M-Files as our DMS is a strategic decision that closely aligns with our desire to optimise our files, information management and business processes," said Delphine Steenhuyse, CIO at Decupere & Partners. "We were looking for a solution that would allow us to manage documents easily, find them quickly and collaborate seamlessly within our teams and with our customers. M-Files offers us exactly that, and more."

Platform and partner selection

M-Files is distinguished by its unique approach, based on metadata, allowing users to organise and find documents based on context and relevance. This results in an intuitive and effective way of working, where documents can be easily located. For the implementation, Decupere & Partners chose GeONE as its implementation partner, explains Steenhuyse: "Choosing a platform is one thing, getting the most out of it is two. For that reason, we were looking for a strong partner who thinks along with our ambitions. GeONE quickly emerged as Global M-Files Partner of the Year and they more than delivered on that promise. They have proven not only that they understand our business, but also how to configure M-Files to our specific needs."

Use of M-Files in Belgium grows

The Belgian accountant joins a growing group of business service providers. "We are delighted to welcome Decupere & Partners to our M-Files family," explained Bastiaan Brefeld, co-founder of GeONE. "We are confident that M-Files will help streamline their business processes and enable seamless collaboration inside and outside their organisation." It is not the first Belgian customer for GeONE: "In addition to our strong base in the Netherlands, we are proud of the growing group of M-Files customers in Belgium. This development means that we are enabling more and more business and financial service providers to work more efficiently thanks to optimal information provision."

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