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De Jong & Laan opts for M-Files supplied by GeONE

Accounting firm de Jong & Laan  opts for M-Files as a platform for managing its customer files and related correspondence and documents. With M-Files, de Jong & Laan aims to realise its digital ambitions, including one entry point to the complete digital customer dossier, smart workflows and managing information using metadata. De Jong & Laan opts for GeONE, specialist in optimising document and information management, as implementation partner.

With M-Files, de Jong & Laan brings customer information from different applications together on a single platform, creating complete and central customer files. This creates a single entry point to all documents, e-mails and all other customer-related information. Because M-Files provides as a hub to all information, the accountancy organisation will be able to serve customers even better and faster. By choosing M-Files, de Jong & Laan will soon be able to apply smart functionalities to improve efficiency.

Thus, the accountancy organisation embraces metadata for managing documents and information. M-Files' unique metadata approach, which not only describes but also links client, assignment, employees and document content, creates unlimited search possibilities for and views of information. This metadata approach gives employees a 360-degree view of every file and every customer. In addition, document templates will be used, which are predefined documents with inserted data from, for example, a customer dossier, saving a lot of time in document creation. The signing process will be further digitised because de Jong & Laan will work with digital signatures via M-Files, among others.

M-Files serves as the underlying document management platform and will be fully integrated into the existing Office 365 productivity applications and Dynamics 365 customer management.

Looking for a future-proof and smart platform

Dennis Krukkert, IT manager, explains how de Jong & Laan came to M-Files: "To realise our digitisation ambitions, we were not looking for a solution, but for a platform that is open and integrates easily. A lot of software specialises, but M-Files is actually a central platform to which we can easily connect existing applications and different departments with their own distinctive way of working."

The amount of documents and information is large within de Jong & Laan, which is why findability is of great importance, says Krukkert: "Because M-Files is based on a unique metadata structure, our employees can find documents and information at lightning speed via almost every conceivable angle. Good findability is crucial, so our employees can save a lot of time and serve our customers even better. It also seems a lot of time can be saved because M-Files recognises metadata from documents itself and automatically inserts it when new documents are created. Thanks to machine learning, M-Files is also getting smarter and smarter, recognising certain information faster."  

GeONE implementation partner with experience

Dennis Krukkert explains how the accountancy organisation chose GeONE: "GeONE has a lot of knowledge in the field of information and document management. The balanced mix of experienced and young ambitious consultants with know-how suits de Jong & Laan very well. GeONE's consultants adequately understood our challenges and together we are integrating the intelligence of M-Files into our organisation. Together, this brings us to smart optimisations that will deliver major efficiency gains."

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