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CROP accountants & advisers closes partnership with GeONE for realisation of modern information services

CROP accountants & advisers enters into a long-term partnership with GeONE, specialist in optimising document and information management. GeONE will assist CROP in the realisation of a central place for file management based on the M-Files information platform in the cloud.

Partnership based on proven sector and product experience

The accounting and consultancy firm has strong ambitions to further optimise its information provision. CROP found in GeONE a partner with proven sector knowledge. Sigurd Felix, IT manager at CROP, says of the match: "For us, it was very important that we start working with a partner that not only knows the professional services sector well, but also has proven experience in implementing M-Files at large accountancy organisations." For a Finnish- and US-based product that is used globally, it is not easy to find an implementation partner that is close to the customer while mastering the product from A to Z: "GeONE has a proven track record in our sector and is proactively helping with our challenges. Moreover, their team has all the necessary disciplines, from strategic advice to the actual technical development of M-Files. Instead of just buying a product, we form a hands-on partnership and can move directly and quickly. The fact that Dutch company GeONE was named Global M-Files partner of the year in 2020 is confirmation for us that we made the right choice." said said Felix.

Proof of Concept followed up with unique implementation method

Prior to implementing M-Files, GeONE first set up an extensive Proof of Concept (PoC), outlining the contours of the final set-up. Based on the PoC, it became clear that M-Files met CROP's ambitions to easily and intuitively collaborate on client assignments and the decision was made to proceed with implementation. To implement M-Files, CROP uses the Build & Play implementation method developed and now proven by GeONE. This unique project approach focuses on maximum results, says Felix: "The implementation of a content platform like M-Files is like open heart surgery. While the implementation takes place, work continues as usual. The Build & Play implementation method cuts the project into small pieces, with each part tested as a prototype within our organisation and rolled out for production. This way, we avoid risk, ensure seamless alignment with our processes and ways of working, and our users are closely involved, resulting in 100 per cent user adoption."

The M-Files platform brings together correspondence, documents and information from different locations and applications for a complete customer view

Sigurd Felix, CROP

Future-proof information platform in the cloud

CROP's services are much broader than just audit and tax advice. With the M-Files platform, CROP aims to bring together correspondence, documents and information from different locations and applications for a complete client view. This allows staff to efficiently, proactively advise their clients and leave more time for direct client contact. With the cloud platform's excellent security and fine-grained authorisation, customers can rely on the protection of their sensitive data. Key aspects of the implementation of the M-Files platform include preventing duplicated documents, streamlining workflows, advanced permission management and Google-like information retrieval. CROP will soon be using a future-proof platform in the cloud, as M-Files is characterised by great flexibility and is easily adaptable to changing circumstances and needs. Moreover, CROP will soon use the latest technologies, including API integrations with existing systems and intelligent information analysis thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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