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Collaboration portal for increased productivity

Sharing knowledge with colleagues, customers, members, suppliers and other chain partners becomes very easy with an online collaboration portal. Knowledge and information relating to projects are also very suitable for sharing via a 'project portal'. Document templates, workflows, files, they are all set up uniformly within such a portal. That works clearly, is user-friendly and prevents errors.

But before companies allow their customers and relations to access their internal information management, they must have their own information systems in order (see also interview about this with Bastiaan Brefeld).

GeONE's consultants provide complete SharePoint solutions for such collaboration portals or a complete Intrexx's digital working environment. So you can easily, securely and efficiently share information with whom you want.

SharePoint GeONE


Unburdening ICT department

Employees from the business (account managers, project managers, etc.) can launch a collaboration portal without ICT intervention.

ERP or CRM Integration

Launching a customer or project portal can be done from various applications such as a CRM or ERP system.

Uniform layout

Sites including libraries and metadata are set up completely automatically using templates.

Who gets to what?

Centralised access management via uniform roles and rights across all customer and project portals.

Self-service for external parties

External parties, such as customers or partners, can manage their own data and request login details.


Set up links and synchronisations with (multiple) external systems based on web services.

Automatic alerts

Users are automatically notified of new or changed documents, tasks, etc.

Automatic change

Changes, for example when a project moves to the next phase, are made automatically.

Creating users

Automatically create internal and external users per site based on data from linked systems.

Project documentation success story in SharePoint.

Read it success story How a service provider from construction, engineering and offshore implemented SeeUnity, under the direction of GeONE. Since then, the employees of this international company can effortlessly link documents in EDMS to SharePoint Online.

We would like to tell more about the SharePoint collaboration portal

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