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BonsenReuling chooses M-Files for its document and file management

BonsenReuling, an accounting & consulting firm with offices mainly in the eastern Netherlands, has chosen M-Files for managing documents and files. In doing so, BonsenReuling is partnering with GeONE for the delivery and optimal implementation of M-Files.

BonsenReuling is carefully positioning itself in the industry with its "At all points sharp" pay off and aims to get the most out of entrepreneurs. By choosing GeONE, it hopes to also get the most out of M-Files.

This partnership marks a new phase in BonsenReuling's business operations, focusing on efficiency, security and improving customer service through smart document management technology.

Intelligent information management

M-Files, a leading intelligent information management solution, will enable BonsenReuling to efficiently create, store, edit, search and find documents and files. The implementation of M-Files underlines BonsenReuling's commitment to innovation and efficiency by providing a seamless, integrated approach to document management that streamlines day-to-day operations and increases productivity within the organisation.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

BonsenReuling also takes its document management to the next level thanks to the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of M-Files. By using AI-driven features such as automatic classification, the company aims to drastically reduce manual archiving of documents. AI algorithms analyse the content and metadata of documents to automatically categorise and tag them, ensuring consistent organisation resulting in higher findability. With these AI capabilities, BonsenReuling not only accelerates its digital transformation, but also sets a new standard for innovation in the accounting and consulting sector.

Protection of customer data and records

The choice of M-Files also reflects BonsenReuling's emphasis on security, with the implementation of comprehensive enterprise security measures to ensure data integrity and confidentiality. This move reinforces BonsenReuling's position as a forward-thinking organisation that puts the protection of client data and records first.

Proven industry experience

BonsenReuling's choice of GeONE as a partner to implement M-Files was motivated by GeONE's proven expertise and in-depth knowledge of document and information management systems and knowledge of the accountancy sector.

"Partnering with GeONE and choosing M-Files is an important milestone for BonsenReuling on the path of digital innovation," said Maarten van der Veer, ICT manager at BonsenReuling. "We are convinced that this advanced document management solution will help us increase our operational efficiency, improve our customer service and strengthen our security standards. We look forward to the benefits this transformation will bring to our company and our customers."

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