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BDO Belgium also opts for M-Files supplied by GeONE

Following the example of BDO Tax Netherlands, BDO Belgium has chosen M-Files as the central platform for intelligently managing their documents and information. With M-Files, BDO Belgium increases the findability and accessibility of documents and information. This enables BDO to serve its clients better and faster. Just like BDO Belasting Nederland, BDO Belgium has chosen GeONE, specialist in optimising document and information management, as implementation partner.

After BDO Belastingadvies Nederland chose M-Files, BDO Belgium has now also opted for this intelligent platform. With M-Files, BDO brings all the information and documents in a client file together on one platform and links all these objects together. Thanks to the unique metadata approach, which describes but also links client, assignment, employees and document content, a 360-degree client file is created. Employees can thus find their information directly, without having to know exactly where this information is located. With M-Files, BDO Belgium opts for a uniform way of working for the entire organisation. In this way, M-Files significantly increases efficiency.  

Intelligent information management platform

Bart Naessens, ICT Director BDO Belgium explains why BDO Belgium chose M-Files: "M-Files is the system that stores documents with metadata and not like the classic way on a hard disk in a folder with subfolders. The what versus where approach of M-Files is exactly what we need. That is, employees can find documents based on what they are and not have to search for the folder or subfolder where the document is stored. With M-Files, our customer files are now complete, as information from all kinds of sources is easily linked and provided in one interface. This creates a complete 360-degree customer file. With this, our employees will have all information easily available and therefore our customer can be better served. Moreover, the Artificial Intelligence in M-Files will save us time because M-Files automatically provides documents with metadata. The fact that all files can now be accessed directly from Outlook is an added value for our employees. M-Files dramatically improves our information management without disrupting our processes."

GeONE once again implementation partner

The choice of implementation partner GeONE came as no surprise: Bart Naessens adds: "Our Dutch colleagues were very enthusiastic about GeONE's knowledge and experience. Before choosing GeONE and M-Files ourselves, we set up an individual RFS trajectory. This is how we arrived at the same result as BDO Netherlands. The choice was made unanimously by all the people involved from the various business lines. Thanks to GeONE and M-Files, we now manage our information and documents intelligently."

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