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The 10 biggest information challenges
for financial service providers

And how to overcome them

Information, documents and data are playing an increasingly defining role in the success of financial services companies. Yet many organisations in this sector struggle with information management-related roadblocks that hinder growth, agility and flexibility.

In this broadcast of GeONE Live, we look at the 10 biggest information challenges faced by financial services companies and how to overcome them. From incomplete customer records and device freedom to major privacy and duplicate document challenges. We discuss real-life examples and look at smart and intelligent solutions that create greater efficiency, grip and profitability.

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Tuesday, 21 February - 15:00
Live online broadcast
10 solutions for more growth, efficiency and profitability
Examples of other financial service providers
Interactive: opportunity to ask questions
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The end of folder structure

In which folder was that document located? Answering this question takes an employee an average of 20% of their precious time. We address why information should not be location-based and what we call 'the end of folder structure'. No more searching, just finding.

Annual manual processes

Back-offices in financial services often have to deal with a lot of manual operations and processing. This labour-intensive work is expensive and slow; moreover, it leads to inconsistent results, possibly with errors. Automating these processes saves time and efficiency.

Paperless working

Many organisations still work with paper and that is a waste. A waste of the planet, but also a waste with regard to the risks an organisation faces. Moreover, paper use hampers an organisation's ability to find and analyse information.

Bring Your Own Device

As an organisation, you want to allow employees to use their own devices. But how do you make sure employees can access company information safely and quickly?

Eliminate information silos

Research shows that organisations use 4 or more systems to store information and documents, resulting in poor findability and accessibility of information.

Faster approval and signing of documents

The process around approving and/or signing documents can be very time-consuming. How can organisations structure this and save a lot of time?

Ensure privacy standards

Since the advent of the new privacy legislation, more is expected of organisations. How do you ensure that information and documents are secure?

Complete customer files

How often is a customer file completely complete? Information is often missing or scattered from a customer file. We talk about how all the information from a file comes together, without moving the information around.

All files available from Outlook

Of all business applications, 90% of the Netherlands works most often with Outlook. Yet files are often not located here. How do you make all files, information and documents available in Outlook?

Optimal version management

Many financial services companies deal with document changes and different versions. We address how to optimise version control around documents.

Your presenter

Bastiaan Brefeld

Information management expert

Bastiaan Brefeld has been working as an information management specialist for GeONE for more than a decade. In this role, he assists organisations with information, document and data challenges. Based on these challenges, he has made organisations such as BDO, Koninklijke BAM, Grant Thornton and BNP Paribas more flexible, profitable, innovative and, above all, future-proof. Bastiaan regularly speaks and writes about the information and document management challenges and changes of today and tomorrow.

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